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New Queer Retreat Space

Crestone, CO
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Opening January 2019

The first trans owned and operated retreat space in Colorado is opening soon. Like every trans space the funding is tight, and any form of donation or support will be graciously accepted. Funding is needed for current projects.

Current projects

  • Four Season Geodesic Dome - feeds 50 year round
  • Queer Homesteading Camp - 5 sessions teaching homesteading skills
  • On site queer library - fire proof structure to preserve texts
  • Queer Art Galley - permanent installation space for rotating art installations


Through human connection and symbiosis with nature create a space for queers and allies to unite and build plans for action and non-action to secure a safe and thriving world for queer identified individuals.
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We believe in access to retreat space for everyone. The Queer Casita is available on a sliding scale fee based on resource availability.
send a message with a few details about your retreat to start setting up your reservation
HOST A RETREAT group rates and long-term rentals
  • Sleeps 10 plus tent space
  • Nutrient Dense food available on-site
    setup food for your retreat
STAY A FEW NIGHTS geodesic dome space
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connect with your true nature



Joining the Casita network at any membership level will enhance the space and energy vibrations flowing into the space. Let's vibe together.

  • CORE LEVEL $500+
    • 1 week retreat reservation in 2019
    • personal email updates about the project of your selection
    • name of your choice carved in core member bench
  • ROOT LEVEL $200-$499
    • 1 night retreat with a cooked meal sourced from the on-site geodesic dome
    • harvest level perks
  • HARVEST LEVEL $40 - $199
    • 1 ticket to harvest party in October 2019
    • swag pack (patch, hat, handkerchief)
use a method above or email to setup funds transfer for a membership